Exam Directions


Dear Trainee,

Welcome to the LBTC Testing Site!

You will be taking two exams.  The passwords for these exams will be emailed to you at the time and day you have arranged  with your trainer.  One exam is the Exit Exam; the other is the Ethics Exam.  You may take these exams in any order you prefer.  You have 75 minutes to complete the Exit Exam and 45 minutes to complete the Ethics Exam for a total of 2 hours (120 minutes).  You may take less time on one exam and more time on another, however the maximum amount of time you have to complete both exams is two hours. Email each of the completed answer sheets (see answer sheet download tab) to your trainer when you have completed it.

Prepping For the Exam

To prepare for the ethics exam, review the NPCA Ethical Standards. Also review the practice boundaries and referral standards which can be found on the NPCA website as well as in the introduction to Logic-Based Therapy and Everyday Emotions.  Links to these documents also appear on the course syllabus.

The Exit Exam includes questions on the basics of LBT, philosophical antidotes, guiding virtues,  fallacy syndromes, and related concepts.

Prior to your exam date, please download the answer sheets.  You can download the EXIT EXAM ANSWER SHEET HERE and the ETHICS EXAM ANSWER SHEET HERE.

Best wishes for a Prosperous Testing Session!


Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D.
LBTC Institute